Innovative Home Construction Projects For 2020

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made that centered around enhancing the design of your home and taking on construction projects? Well, you are not alone here, but there is really no need to delay a project of any scale with the barrier to entry getting more attainable and manageable each and every year. If you’re intimidated by the project that awaits, get inspired by these innovative home construction projects that will make a significant impact on your home environment.

Add a below ground swimming pool

Unless you live in Alaska, you have probably always dreamed of having a pool. In generations gone by, adding a pool to your home was an enormous cost, not to mention the disruption it caused during the lengthy process. These days, you can add a pool to your home quite easily and work with one contractor to pull it all together.

First, you will need to select the area you wish to have a pool and go over your home plans to ensure that there is nothing in the ground that will complicate the dig. You can then dig and remove the soil and materials - although you may have to find a mini excavator for sale for this -  then select the shape and frame of your pool to be dropped into the hole. Paved and tiled pools are still an option, but the pre-designed pool tubs look just as beautiful and have been perfected in recent years. From there, you and your contractor can fill the gaps between tub and ground, and then add tiling around the sides for you to sit and entertain in that area.

Extend a landing into a deck

So many homes are built in a way that doesn’t always optimise space, and front door stairs are a perfect example of this as they lead to a small landing that could easily have been a deck build. With some help from friends and the right materials, you can add this feature to your home and create another entertaining space. First, you want to clear the area below where the deck will be and dig some holes that can be filled with concrete for the beams to be placed inside. When you have the outline structure, you can begin placing more beams in different locations and directions to support the wood foundation that follows. Whether this deck is suspended high or low from the ground, you will want to have your handy work checked over by a professional to ensure you are ready to use.

Add molding

For something so simple, molding really carries the weight in making a home feel more regal and stylish. Before you make any decisions on what sort of molding to choose, you will want to assess the style of your home and make sure you are complementing the existing look of your home and not competing with it. If you have an art deco style home, this might not suit the aesthetic. You can add molding by marking where you wish them to be on the wall, cutting wood to the shape and size you want, and then nail them into your wall, ensuring they are lined up correctly with the marks you have made on the wall. Glue any gaps that move when pushed, and then paint in the color of your choice when the glue has dried.

Enhance your lighting

How do you feel about the lighting in your home? If you have long wished for more light, consider adding skylights to your ceiling so that you can control which rooms receive more light. Depending on the design of your home and where you choose to add the skylights, this can be a relatively non-invasive construction and one that you can do mostly on your own. Given the work needs to be completed from a ladder and on the roof, consider using a builder to eliminate any risk to yourself and your home.

The best part about these innovative construction ideas is that they are using pre-existing builds and infrastructure, and simply improving on what is already there. Make sure you cost up each project and only proceed when you are comfortable with the spend.