Pavilion with mirror interior reflects nature in North France – designed by atelier ARI

"Reflektor" is a pavilion designed by atelier ARI, located on Parc Cabbidu in North France. The triangular construction, which descends within an open area with verdant vegetation, highlights a mirrored interior, giving an exciting view of the natural surroundings.
Visitors can enter the pavilion by atelier ARI at the front or through a tiny entrance located at the backside. When entering, a pointed shape reveals itself and creates an intimate inside space where mirrors reflect the surrounding lake and land.
Guests can lie down on the colored piece of art and embrace the sun or sit down on two vibrant yellow chairs. The pavilion's horn-like contour underlines the vastness of the outlook, while the reflecting ceiling exposes a broad picture of the landscape from a bird's eye point of view, revealing the world upside down. The artwork on the ground generates a strong contrast with the birch tree woods and merged with the reflective
the center gives and out of space boost of color.
Visitors inside the pavilion are forecasted a few times in the ceiling and walls and become noticeable from afar.
"Reflektor" makes a peaceful space within the leisure park where people can encounter the landscape in a new way. It's a place where a person can meet with others, relax, be seen, and see. The pavilion brings people in a tiny space and highlights the immense landscape.
The pavilion's exterior is created of a Douglas wooden construction. The inside walls and ceiling, constructed of cladding with aluminum mirroring plates and exterior plywood. The whole building is located on a concrete foundation in the ground.