Red Lights: Vatican by Aishy – a Breathtaking Fusion of Cyberpunk and Renaissance Architecture

What happens when you mix cyberpunk and Renaissance architecture? You get an incredible series of photographs like Red Lights: the Vatican by Aishy. This art director and photographer have created a breathtaking fusion of two very different styles. By using dramatic red and blue tones, he has transformed the aesthetic of Basilica San Pietro di Vaticano (or St. Peter’s Basilica) from Renaissance to cyberpunk. If you’re looking for something truly unique, be sure to check out this fantastic series!

Aishy uses a Sony A7RIII to capture these breathtaking images, which he then alters in Adobe Lightroom. When no longer shown in its usual light, the ornate aspects throughout the basilica can be fully appreciated for the first time. The combination of the crimson and blue color palettes with 16th-century architecture produces a stunning and perplexing contrast, frequently utilized in science fiction settings to depict hyper-futuristic interiors filled with LED lights and steel construction.

Aishy has previously used his photographs to offer us a fresh perspective on space. His previous projects, which reimagine Japanese cities, are also inspiring. Scroll down to Red Lights: Vatican, and when you’ve finished, go over to his website to discover the photographer’s hand-picked collection.

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