Use these Airbnb Interior Design tips to unlock your potential clients

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Some Airbnb interior design tips

Preparing a property for listing in Airbnb is a challenge for the owners. The interior of the house should suit not only them but also potential guests. Studies show that the attractiveness of a room influences the tourists’ decision by about 35%. Here are some tips on interior design in the photos that can attract the attention of travelers.

Some Airbnb management companies provide design consultation services for vacation rental owners (for example

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Vertical lines

Vertical Lines are the easiest way to visually make space higher than it really is. To do this, use narrow long mirrors in front of the windows to increase the amount of daylight in the room. Set the floor lamps with a thin rack so that the light from them gently dissipates throughout the space. The storage racks can be made high with a sloping staircase.

Carpets on the floor

It may sound counterintuitive, but the large carpet in the room is able to visually expand room’s boundaries. This effect is achieved by the fact that, approaching the objects in the room, the carpet attracts additional attention. This creates a sense of space expansion. It is desirable that the color of the carpet is soft. Small carpets create the illusion of a small area.

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Decoration of walls

If you want to show more voluminous parameters of a small room, it is important to pick up expressive paints for the walls. The bright palette attracts additional attention. If you are not satisfied with bright colors, you can choose from soft pastel colors. We can’t say that the white color does not expand the space around. But it gives the room a sense of coldness and insensitivity. On the contrary, color diversity makes the space more dynamic and hospitable.

Spatial freedom

The habit of piling up rooms with a large number of pieces of furniture seems to be a thing of the past. The presence of even rich furniture does not surprise tourists nowadays. Moreover, the free space on the floor gives the room more light. Now they go from massive models of furniture, upholstered to the floor, occupying too much space. Instead, it is better to buy sofas, armchairs, cabinets with narrow or flared legs. This decision is justified also from a practical point of view: you can do cleaning under the furniture without moving it.

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Plants are a necessary attribute of modern interior. The only question is how to arrange them. One large plant is desirable to attach to a simple wall for additional accent. Fans of small plants should place them at different levels in odd quantities. There shouldn't be too many of them. 3 or 5 plants are optimal. If you do not want to constantly water live plants, you can choose beautiful artificial analogues. In this case, you will have only to wash them from time to time.

Harmony of objects

With the advent of big money, many people are used to throwing away old things, although they can have great value. Tourists are inquisitive people. They are interested not only in the present but in the past as well. Old pieces of furniture, restored by skillful hands, occupy a worthy place with modern furniture. Another thing is that there should not be many of them. They can allocate a separate space of the room to emphasize the connection between the past and the present. If there are several rooms, one of them can be equipped with antiquities. This can attract more attention.