Spiritual Baptism: Infinite Nide Designed an Advertising office in Changsha, China

Infinite Nide has created an advertising office in Changsha's Yuhua district as a refined arena of infinite possibilities. the project features contradicting warm, lustrous surfaces using chilly materials and provides a feeling of incompleteness as a result of walls and cracked bricks that compose the arena's doors.

The architects employed just four materials in the job and completed the room with a selection of accessories including electroplated steel and lava stones. Bamboo was applied in the office‘s entrance to get a calm atmosphere that provides what the architects call a ‘spiritual baptism’ as someone passes through. Lightweight concrete takes up the rest of the space while polycarbonate hollow sheets and plywood act as edgy, refined information. Walls of the original building are retained while available areas are split by lightweight concrete bricks.

h/t designboom