Ways To Make Your Home Look and Feel Fresher

white and grey concrete building near swimming pool under clear sky during daytime

Having a fresh looking and feeling house will motivate you to want to spend more time in your home since you will feel as though you are able to fully relax in it. Often, if you don’t do things to houses to keep them fresh, they can feel a bit musty and old, so it is good to try and stay on top of it. Here are just a few ways that you can keep your house feeling lovely and homely. 

Buy A Bunch Of Flowers 

Flowers are a really nice way to add an element of freshness and nature to your home. They are also easy to look after since they can be put in a vase of water, so you do not have to constantly think about watering them as you do with other plants. Flowers can vary in size and colour, so whether you want to go for a classic rose or a fresh white lily, there will be pretty much everything available to you in a florist. Florists are the best places to get flowers since they can tell you everything you need to know, from where the plant originated from to what kind of conditions are optimum for it. Cottage Garden has been voted the best florist in Perth, so if you want a truly special floral arrangement, they can help.

red flowers on brown ceramic vase

Paint The Walls White 

An easy way to make your house feel clean and fresh is to shy away from colored or wallpapered walls and instead just keep them white. This doesn’t necessarily mean your walls have to look plain or boring – in fact, it gives you a great neutral base to add decorations such as paintings and photographs to your wall. White walls also make the room feel much bigger, as there will be fewer shadows.

If you do want to have a splash of colour on the walls but don’t want to risk it looking too overpowering, consider keeping all the walls white aside from one wall, which you could paint a different colour or add wallpaper. This could make a good compromise between keeping it minimalist and not feeling too plain. 

Get Some Scented Candles 

Having a good smell in your home makes it feel so much better. This is pretty easy to achieve. Once you have made sure your house is clean and there is no dust lying around, you should definitely invest in some scented candles. This is a simple way to make your house look cosy as well as making it smell nice. Being in a nice smelling house is much more pleasant both for yourself and for guests. It also does not require much effort but goes a long way in terms of showing how you care for your home. There are so many different scents out there, with floral, festive, or fruity smells to permeate your room. 

Since you probably spend quite a bit of time in your home, it is definitely worth investing a bit of money and effort into making it a desirable place to be in. Once you achieve the great fresh feeling, you will never go back!