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What You Can Do if Your Clogged Drain Can’t Be Fixed by Your DIY Efforts

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Keeping your home working properly is a must. When it comes to enjoying your abode, the lack of properly functioning parts of the head can be equal parts frustrating and costly. This is why you need to be on top of your game with your maintenance efforts.

A common issue that homeowners have to contend with is clogged drains. They can happen because of numerous issues. Too much food particles down the sink, hair and shaving residue in the sink and bathtub, and overstuffed from paper towel or toilet paper. These are common issues, and using homemade remedies may not cut it. So what do you do if your DIY options cannot help? Check these options out.

Call a Plumber

The simplest explanation is often the right answer. This is why calling a plumber is a considerably helpful choice compared to unproven homemade attempts. The experts at show how important a properly trained plumber can be, especially for a problem that you may have little knowledge of. Damaging your plumbing system with a DIY effort can cost you tons of money to fix, so hiring professionals should always be an option for your home’s drain issues. They have a wide selection of tools that you may not have access to and could be the only way to get the drain unclogged or repaired. If you do not feel confident or knowledgeable about the issue, then calling a plumber is a smart move.

Buy a Drain Auger

Even if the professional plumbers have all the gear that is needed to fix drain problems, that does not mean you cannot have some of them too. One such tool that can be of considerable use for your home is a drain auger. What exactly is a drain auger? Well, it is a piping device that can reach deep into a drain to help unclog a jam or destroy debris that is blocking your water flow. These augers are not very expensive and provide a long-lasting amount of use that is incredibly efficient for even the trickiest of drain issues. Augers help provide professional quality drain clearing for reasonable prices and lets you have this powerful potential in your home.

Get a Jetter

In a similar manner to an auger, you could invest in a drain jetter. The difference between an auger and a jetter is that an auger has to physically unclog the debris by feeding the device through, a jetter uses pressurized water to blast out the clog. Jetter machines are more expensive and they are not for use in every drain in your home. Often, they are meant for more serious drain issues like septic system clogs or main water access drains. However, there are pressurized water and jetter machines that can be used for drains in the bathroom or laundry room. These jetters are serious tools that can clear just about any clog, but they might be too powerful for every kind of issue. Before buying one, consider how much you really expect to use it.

Keep Plenty of Drain Opener Stocked

If you are a homeowner that is always feeling let down by your DIY drain cleaning efforts and want quick, effective help then make sure to stock up on all of the necessary tools. It sounds like it would be redundant but often there will be sudden clogs in drains without warning which require immediate attention or else they could lead to plumbing emergencies. One way homeowners can ensure their safety from these types of problems is through hiring dependable plumbers such as those at who specialize in any type of home repair needs including fixing and installing new parts while also being friendly with every job site visit!

Families with girls who have long hair or guys that are constantly shaving need to be ready if the drain gets clogged, and that vinegar or baking soda fix might not work or be good for the pipes. Bleach and other corrosive cleaners will do the best work in keeping any food or hair building from getting too bad. Not to mention, drain openers are cheap so there really is no reason not to have a lot in case a bad homemade remedy fails to get results.

Keeping your home running in top condition is just part of the steps you need to take to be a proud homeowner. An all too common problem that most people have experienced is clogged drains. It can be gross to see all that water backup, and it is not good for your pipes, so you need proven and effective measures. Some DIY efforts may seem good, but they do not offer real solutions, so these steps listed here will help keep your home plumbing working well.