Master of Wood-Carved Sculptures Traps People and Objects Inside: Tung Ming-Chin

If you were to walk past Tung Ming-Chin’s wood-carved sculptures, you might not realize that there is a story unfolding before your eyes. However, as you inspect it more carefully, you’ll notice that people and things are trapped within the wood. A Taiwanese sculptor is a pro at turning wood into pensive, emotional sculptures. His finely polished works shift as the viewer revolves around them, gradually revealing intrigues. His sculptures frequently deal with themes of inner emotion and the subconscious mind, and they repeatedly show people trapped inside the wood, pushing against the outer layer to break free.

According to his descriptions, metaphor interprets the interior space and is an expression of imagination. “It can’t be neatly characterized as a state of mind with forms, such as emotions, poetry, time, conceptuality, or non-visuality. It’s a gift that enables your conscious mind to wander into the subconscious world. It is a particular sensation sheltered behind a concealed area. Covering the inside, certain elements may be hidden and simplified. It can be appreciated from an aesthetic standpoint in general.”

Tung Ming-Chin may be found online.