YoAz creates animal portraits illustrations emerging from exquisite backgrounds

There is something majestic in YoAz’s illustrations. It may be those saturated tones of each piece that gives opposition to pastel backdrops. It might also be something different, but one thing is sure - I would put Ornamental Animal portraits in my house or even on my body as a tattoo.
YoAz is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Paris. He creates vivid portraits of lions, gorillas, and other large mammals that appear on a field of ornamental decorations. In this new series, the author provides one consistent motif throughout each piece. YoAz explains that he concentrates on three pigments that vary in the shade to make those digital pictures. He uses one color to outline the face, another, the brighter one to attach body and action, and the last one to strengthen the animal’s features.
If you are interested in YoAz’s illustrations, they are available from Society6, and you can find an expanded collection of his craft on Behance and Instagram.