Artist Sun-Hyuk Kim Transforms Metal Pipes into Human Form Sculptures

South Korean artist Sun-Hyuk Kim transforms curves pipes and cables into structures that are part of human anatomy and part twisted plant root systems. The branch-like metallic blood vessels form the shape of limbs, abdomens, and heads, as well as the trees that seem to have sprouted from them. Entirely made of stainless steel, the sculptures are supposed to signify our imperfect and incomplete existence concerning the organic world.

“My artwork is a tool to detect the truth and remind myself and audiences through various websites,” Sun-Hyuk told Colossal. From big head-shaped root sculptures attached in the nose, to complete body functions with large trunks protruding from the head, back, and chest, the sculptures are often dramatic depictions of the human encounter and what the artist considers truth.

Sun-Hyuk’s forthcoming solo exhibition at the Suhadam Art Space in South Korea from June 7 through August 5, 2019. To find out more about his art, you can also follow the artist on Instagram.