Blackberries, Oyster Mushrooms, and Radishes: The Fascinating Flora of Ann Wood

Ann Wood is an artist who crafts mushrooms, blackberries, and radishes from paper. The mushrooms are so realistic that it takes a second look to realize they’re not real! She has sculpted mushrooms for five years because she loves their texture. Ann also loves working with paper because of its flexibility and versatility. These mushrooms are perfect for anyone who wants to have a little taste of nature on their desk or mantelpiece without having to worry about them spoiling in the fridge or garden center.
With paint, wax, and colored pencils, Wood’s realistic sculptures are built on plants she cultivated in her garden and various shapes she encounters. “I do this because I can see the small intricacies and have lived, breathing models for longer. “Each paper botanical takes four to seven days to make and requires a lot of looking at the many variants in a single bloom or seedling,” she adds. “All plants are individuals, with their distinctiveness. The flaws and stains that make a plant unique are often the things that make it most fascinating.”
On Instagram, Wood is presently busy growing shiitake mushrooms from a log, which you may keep an eye out for.