Colorful Art of Neon Drips, Blobs and Squishes by Dan Lam

Philippian Dan Lam, born in 1988, nurtures upon our relentless yet human interest in the peculiarities of form and texture. In her eccentric creativity, all the aspects defying gravity, like the goopy, the wildly chromatic, the spiky, come together. Lam's creations bring to life all bizarre and mindblowing oddities in a gripping way.
The art itself is heightened more with an inherent finesse that comes with practicality. All the pieces can get located over ledges, Iphones as a case, walls and edges. She effectively demonstrates her adoration for the vibrant colors of things in life, searching fresh ways to honor neon colors without making it repetitious. For the viewers, Lam's art is irresistible. One always finds the urge to touch it and reach out. Thanks to great details in her work, a person could feel the art by looking at it from afar. It seems as if they're their beings, sent from celestial reality, cast from outer space.