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Debora Lombardi’s Stunning UV Photography: Flowers Come to Life in Rich New Colors

All images © Debora Lombardi, Italy, Shortlist, Professional competition, Wildlife & Nature, Sony World Photography Awards 2022, shared with permission

If you’ve ever seen Debora Lombardi’s ultraviolet photography, you know it is something extraordinary. Lombardi is an Italian designer and photographer who has harnessed the creative potential of ultraviolet light. With this type of light, she can splash single flowers with rich new colors- colors that are otherwise invisible to the human eye. She showcases the beauty of flowers in a new way in her work, and her photographs are simply stunning.

“I began experimenting with this method in the dark of my studio during the lockdown of March 2020, making it my main outlet during that equally dark time,” Lombardi tells World Photography Organization, a finalist in this year’s competition. “My research then continued into 2021, when I made refinements and modifications, and this portion of my story is a sample.”

You can see some of Lombardi’s dazzling flowers at Somerset House as part of the organization’s exhibit through May 2 if you’re in London. Otherwise, follow her on Instagram.