Gigantic Animals Made of Wood And Plastic Waste by Bordalo II

Bordalo II has made a string of bisected creatures, vibrant plastics forming half of this creature as a blend of metal and wood produced a muted mirror on the opposite side. In 1 bit the Portuguese artist created a turtle with legs which extend into the floor, seeming to crawl across the side of a low wall at Moncton, Canada. Other functions are more monumental, like a bunny that extends two tales in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, along with a raccoon which appears to dangle head first from construction in Pittsburgh.

The globally-placed installations would be the most recent development of the series Trash Animals, big public works that tackle the effect our carelessly thrown waste has to the environment around us. You're able to observe his procedure for collecting plastic and other waste, also, to follow along with his latest work, on Instagram.