a painting on the wall

Intricate Hand-Painted Persian Carpets by Jason Seife

In this latest series of paintings, Miami-based artist Jason Seife deftly renders the complex patterns of old Persian carpets with a blend of acrylic and ink. While the compositions utilize common motifs in rug design like leaves and geometric shapes, Seife includes colors not usually associated with the heavy textiles, creating his own versions that reflect his mood or thoughts while doing the painting. Via Robert Fontaine Gallery:

What initially drew him to these works was not only the aesthetic but the dense history and meaning behind the imagery. The way the weavers were able to link each rug’s particular pattern, palette, and style with a specific and identifiable geographic area or nomadic tribe really stood out to him. Jason aims to mirror this practice with his take on the carpets by having each color and pattern specifically correlate to what state of mind and emotion he was in while creating the specific work.