Janaina Mello Landini’s Nervous System Looking Rope Installations

Artist Janaina Mello Landini proceeds to make dizzyingly complicated installations, and canvas-based sculptural works constituted of unbraided ropes which branch out like tree roots. The fractal-like artworks have evolved over a span of six years as part of her “Ciclotrama” string, a phrase she coined which unites the main term “cycle” and the Latin phrase “trama” meaning warp, weaving, or cobweb.

Janaina Mello Landini aggregates her understanding of architecture, mathematics, and physics and her perception punctually to come up with pieces that traveling via different scales. The labyrinthine structure has become the core axis of her study from the “Ciclotramas” series, created with ropes which divide to minimal threading, and “Labirintos Rizomáticos,” functions in lace which results in the building of multifocal viewpoints, nullifying the conventional structure.
Landini has created a lot of pieces for many displays and installations within the last year. You may view more of her latest work on Artsy and Zipper Galeria.

via Visual Fodder