McDonald’s surprised citizens of Paris with new unique street ads

We tend to think that food advertisements can't possibly get any better than it already is - well, there will always be someone to raise the competition. It's usually a debatable topic, whether it's necessary to advertise something we can't live without anyway. McDonald- a well-known company, created a street billboard in Paris's streets, which lately catches people's eyes with its original ad design. Even though McDonald definitely doesn't need any advertisement, as people can't help but crave it every once in a while, they still came out with an inventive billboard design that charmed people. This food chain company has fixed three lit street billboards around Paris, with photos of their infamous cartoon of french fries and hamburgers. Billboards look as if somebody took a bite out of them. The whole idea has a goofy vibe to it - why would anyone bite out an over-sized billboard that pictures food.
But the strangeness of it manages to draw the eyes of citizens and tourists - so it works exactly as an add should work.
People with a sharp eye will also see that the billboards lack any trademarks and branding. Besides the unmistakable red and yellow packaging and the cartoon of french fries, we all know from McDonald's that there is no regard for the company itself. For all purposes and intents, this add could be an add of any given restaurant. TBWAParis's team is behind this design. Its goal is to put companies' brands at the heart of pop culture and bring a culture of innovation and creativity.