Nikki Rosato Creates Shaped Portraits Using Precisely Cut Maps

Through mesh busts and fragile portraitures, Nikki Rosato envisions the links in-between area and identification. The Washington, D.C.-based sculptor cuts out the multi-colored freeways and alleys from typical maps, leaving the ranges and spatial markings undamaged. She after that forms the cut paper right into metaphorical sculptures and 2D artwork that differ in thickness and color scheme depending upon the initial city or area. Rosat makes use of the accurate markings of topography to emphasize the complicated, inner-workings of memory and belonging.

“As we move throughout life, the areas we occupy and individuals that we satisfy change and form us right into the individual that we are in the here and now day. I am interested in the idea that a place I visited as a child has affected the outcome of the person that I am today,” she states.

In a letter to Colossal, the artist stated that she moved her practice after her grandma passed away in 2018. “I’ve taken the last few years to do a lot of research into my strong matriarchal lineage (my great grandmother literally walked hundreds of miles on foot with a 2-year-old to escape Lithuania in the early 1900s and then built our family in a small town in Pennsylvania),” she states, including that her existing projects contemplate the trajectory of these 2 figures’ lives. A few of Rosato’s detailed works are can be seen at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, and you can follow her pieces on Artsy.