Pablo Reinoso’s wooden benches unfurl like a real spaghetti

Pablo Reinoso sees benches as wholly different, and we love his way. I mean, how can we not like it. In his studio on the outskirts of Paris, he creates real works of art made of wood and metal. At first sight, it may surprise you, but the slats of benches bend in all directions and sometimes even rise up the walls. I feel like these are the most impressive ones.
Pablo decided to create revolutionary and playful works, which he connects with simple seating. That let him merge functionality and aesthetics.
I bet all of you would like to take a photo on some of the benches. For now, you can follow Pablo's Instagram account. If that is not enough, Reinoso's spaghetti-style masterpieces are also included in a group show at Mad Paris from December 16, 2020, to May 11, 2021.