Photographer Turns into Zen-Inspired Artwork

Thailand-based Dhavebaj Anupabsthian’s Instagram feed will keep you scrolling for more with its visuals of geometric shapes and lines.

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian00

“I worship the way of Zen, which teaches me what minimal really is,” says Dhavebaj Anupabsthian.

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian01

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian02

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian03

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian04

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian05

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian06

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian08

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian09

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian10

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian11

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian12

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian13

Dhavebaj Anupabsthian14


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