Seba Naranjo Designs And Builds 3D Handcut Paper Models Of Dinosaurs

Inspired and motivated by the work that paleontologists have achieved over the last few decades, Chile-based artist Seba Naranjo designs and builds 3D paper models of dinosaurs for a project called Khartosauria. Through careful planning, cutting, and folding, he also creates expressive and fun sculptures that roam desks and tabletops how their organic counterparts did millions of years back.

With a background in graphic style and children’s case, Naranjo tells Colossal his enchantment with dinosaurs and paper started when he was only a child playing at the printing shop where his mom worked. After honing his skills significantly over time, Naranjo currently spends 20 hours a week cutting and constructing figures like a red and beige Styracosaurus, multi-colored mini Dromaeosaur, along with an elegant Apatosaurus.