The artist Jesús Curiá shows the complexity of humanity in his works

It's another view on the complexity of humanity. At first sight, you might say that you are looking at random figures that make no connection with each other. But when you think about it a bit longer, you'll see follow-ups even to the ancient relics. It's all because the bronze statues of Spanish genius Jesús Curiá are purposely enigmatic. His works are covered with patina, which is a product of atmospheric corrosion of copper. It's hard to indicate the gender or ethnicity of characters. The author of sculptures focuses on indescribable figures parted by an abstract detail or space. Curia is giving us a feeling that slim personas are continually moving. They may be giving signals one to another, march downstairs and even catch a shirt on a wind. These decontextualized actions give us a glimpse into the current state as they blend the most surreal perspectives of contact with the real.