Wooden Camera Models: Vietnamese Artist Whose Wooden Products Are Magnificent

Phuong Nguyen is a woodworker who creates items out of wood. He left the University of Fine Arts in 2011 to establish Wooden Model Design Shop, his own company. “Wooden camera models” is one of the artist’s most fascinating constructions. They appear to be highly realistic, based on these stunning pictures!
In a note to Freeyork that he likes creating art and wants to make it available to everyone. Nguyen creates stunning models of some long-discontinued cameras. “Not everyone can own a collection of discontinued cameras,” he explained. “so I decided to make this as a way to say thank you to those who came before and established the world’s values.” He also said that, on average, it takes around four days to create these cameras and just one day to put them together. Check out some of his fantastic work below and go to his website for further information.

More info: Facebook