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The Dark Knight’s Batpod: A Fully Autonomous Ride for the 21st-Century Vigilante

For the 21st-century vigilante, the Batpod, designed by FangYi, is the perfect mode of transportation. Thanks to its autonomous capabilities, it can get right into the middle of a situation without risking the most valued hero’s life. The Batcycle (in the 1966 Batman TV series), Batblade, and eventually the Batpod (for The Dark Knight in 2008 and its Rising in 2012) make him appear like a daredevil on a mission to save humanity, while the safer alternative for a vigilante or superhero who utilizes technology for crime-fighting is the Batmobile.

If we assume, based on what concept artist FangYi understands, that it will be an entirely autonomous Batpod with the Batman missing from the equation, then we’re looking at a machine with one purpose. I say that because there’s no reference to inspiration or how this dystopian world ride works in the designer’s description. So, I’m left with nothing but my creative freedom to bestow the WR322 UGV with its lifetime of excellence. And what could be a better fit for a superhero than the Batman connection, which appears to be designed specifically for him? The menacing character, the strange style, and the fat wheel are all part of it. The clean geometric lines, matte black skin, and mysterious personality suggest that this superhero motorcycle was designed to perform superhuman tasks.

I’m guessing that the tiny bike’s reduction in size allows Batman to race off to confront a bad guy one-on-one while still keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground, allowing him to hop onto the vehicle and flee swiftly. The wheelbase suggests it will be highly maneuverable in tight city sections without the risk of losing traction. Perhaps a two-wheeled companion to Batman would flourish in today’s crime-infested environment.