Wolf Rigs’ Patton Hummer H1 Overlanding Vehicle: A Luxurious Camper for Off-Road Adventures
All images courtesy of Wolf Rigs

If you're looking for a luxurious overlanding vehicle that can take you anywhere, look no further than Wolf Rigs' Patton Hummer H1. This camper has been transformed from a classic Hummer H1 into the perfect off-road adventure vehicle. The Patton Hummer H1 is an excellent vehicle for families to enjoy camping trips in, thanks to its sturdy all-aluminum exterior and luxurious interior design that is anything but military-style plain. With many of the contemporary RV constructions' standard features, the Patton Hummer H1 will undoubtedly make your next overland journey an unforgettable experience!

The Wolf Rigs Patton is the company's first product, and it honors the classic war film with its name. The company aims to motivate exploration by expertly combining a vehicle's agility with home comforts. Because of its military history, the original Hummer H1 was an ideal starting point for the new overlander. The Patton cab-over RV design houses an extra-large living area, a queen-size bed, and a fully equipped kitchenette within an angular cab-over package that complements the H1 very well. A two-burner cooktop, sink, and slide-out refrigerator are included in the kitchenette, while the rear bathroom consists of a patented hidden toilet.

Although the H1 is recognized for having a broad beam, the new RV features a shaft of 86.5 inches wide, including mirrors. The Patton is smaller than other chunky overlanders in this respect. The all-aluminum frame and shell of the overland vehicle reveal a huge storage area that contains car equipment, including a jack, jerry cans, spare wheel, tire, and an extendable ladder when the rear doors are opened. Finally, Hummer's infrastructure has been upgraded as well. It includes a new engine and 16 inches of ground clearance. Solar energy provides 800 watts of power for illumination and food preservation.