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Reasons why lack of workplace safety can damage the business’s success

Although the provision of total safety is an obligation that is imposed on the businesses, lack of safety can also interrupt the success of the business and make a financial impact on the balance sheets. Workers may not sustain the work in an unhealthy environment. Even if they do, stressors and potential risk factors may damage their health in the long term. This is a situation that can affect the worker’s efficiency, productivity, morale and commitment to work. Businesses are likely to suffer the consequences of unacceptably low conditions in the workplace as the workers’ productivity is heavily linked with morale. And the main factor that increases a worker’s morale and productivity is the comfort level in the workplace. This situation can be improved by offering employees training and education through programs like OSHA 10 online, designed to train staff members on how to avoid common workplace dangers and hazards, leading to overall better workplace conditions.

Is your office in compliance with OSHA fire extinguisher spacing requirements? Is every employee in your company within a 75-foot travel distance of a fire extinguisher? On a Little League baseball field, 75 feet is roughly the distance between home plate and first base. In other words, this is not a 100-foot rule; it’s a 75-foot rule, which accounts for terrain and obstacles. If your workers must go out of offices and around corners to get to their nearest fire extinguisher, keep that in mind. If you’re shopping for a fire extinguisher, is the place to go. These robust, dependable yet inexpensive CO2 fire extinguishers are fully charged and come with brackets for simple installation. The ‘frost-free horn’ on this 2kg model makes it ideal for electric fires. 

Consequences of failing to follow the safety regulations might be financially challenging

In sectors such as constructions and mines where the risks are naturally higher, workers are likely to be more prone to injuries that are actually quite preventable. Being regularly involved in an operation that has high potentials to harm the worker can decrease the attention, comfort level, productivity and efficiency of the worker. Additionally, stress-related mental injuries may be developed by the over-stressed workers. Within your business, a proper risk assessment plan should be applied to foresee the potential risk factors and to eliminate them. Lack of sufficient safety can decrease the workers’ commitment to the company and conduce to internal conflicts. This situation may end up in a work stoppage, heavy fines to the company due to intentional tort, a long and stressful lawsuit or lack of productivity.

Safety-related factors that impact the workforce and productivity varies from the sufficiency of work equipment to physical factors such as demanding long hours of work and physical strength-requiring works. Whilst looking for the stressor in the workplace, the employer should take his/her own actions into consideration as many employer-based actions make a negative impact on the workers’ stress level and safety. Even if the harm is unintentional, demanding long work hours, more tasks than what an average employee can handle, sustaining the work without providing adequate conditions and mobbing, bullying may be the factors that decrease the workers’ productivity and increase the chances of developing a medical condition.

Laws prevent unjustness in the workplace by applying strict penalties to negligent businesses

Financial consequences should be the least concern of businesses whilst evaluating the importance of workplace safety. Laws are easily understandable and applicable. Business owners should be conscious of what will await them if these legal duties are breached; and apply the necessary safety measures to keep the workers’ physical and mental health levels safe. An important share of workplace injuries arises from employer-based actions or lack of taking sufficient actions. The least important factors might be the cause of a work accident that may trigger further financial and internal problems. Even if the accident was a simple one, other workers may fairly lose their interests in the firm that they work for, halt the work until all safety requirements are met or lose their loyalty to the business.

From the workers’ side, undergoing these conditions is not easy as overstressing is a recognized mental injury that may decrease the victim’s quality of life. Additionally, no one would like to be involved in an operation in which the key players are being disrespected. In case of an accident, the workers’ whole career might end and the injured worker’s family might suffer huge financial problems. Laws are well aware of these possibilities. The reason behind imposing strict duties on business owners is because the possibilities can easily turn into a fact.