5 Great Uses For A Lint Roller And How to Make Your Own

For those of you who don’t know, a lint roller is a roll of adhesive paper on a plastic barrel or cardboard with an attached handle. This device can remove lint and small fibers from clothes and upholstery. It is perfect for cleaning spaces that are difficult to access.

Lint rollers offer more than you know and don’t clean only lint off of clothes. There are many amazing ways to use a lint roller.

Cleaning Broken Glass or Light Bulbs

If you have a broken glass on your floor, a lint roller will help you out a lot. Even the smallest shards of glass will be cleaned easily and more important – safely.


Clean Your Purse, Briefcase, Suitcase or Gym Bag

You can clean any type of bag really fast. The easiest way is to empty the content and use a clean layer of lint roller to clean the sides of your bag.


Clean Baby Chair and Car Seat

Moms, you can keep a lint roller in your bag to quickly clean car seats, strollers and any other baby items. The other place where you can keep one is in your car because it is too easy to clean car seats and floors after a messy afternoon snack.


Clean Bathroom Rugs

The bathroom rug is easily neglected when you clean your home. The easiest way to clean it is by using a lint roller. A month ago I moved in a new apartment in Melbourne. The bathroom was a real mess and I simply couldn’t handle the chaos by myself. That’s why I went for a cleaning service. Luckily, I found the perfect cleaners who are able to make my bathroom shine. Now, when I have it all under control, i only need a lint roller to keep my bathroom clean.


Clean Lamp Shades

Delicate materials on lampshades are very hard to clean. You can clean any debris from your lampshade with lint roller, but you must be gentle if it is made of paper.


There are many other uses for a lint roller. But I use only these tricks to clean the spaces that are difficult to access. Do you have your favourite alternative use? Now I will share how to make a homemade roller.

How to make your own lint roller

Now when you know the techniques and uses of the lint roller, maybe you would want to make one and start using it. But If you don’t have one yet, here’s how to make one.



– A cylindrical object like tube or wooden dowel. But if the cylinder is too small it won’t work very well

– Tape. Masking tape is very close to sticky paper used on most lint rollers. Also the wide rolls of tape are the easiest to use

– Scissors

Pull Some of the Tape Off the Roll

You can pull 15 cm of tape but don’t cut it yet.

Clasp the Tape onto the Roller

You should use a portion of the sticky side to attach it to the cylinder. After this you just wrap the tape around the cylinder in the opposite direction. Now hold the tape in place with your finger for the first few times after you change directions. If you have chosen narrow strips of tape, just start by attaching the tape near one end of the object. Then with each wrap you just move the tape closer to the other end.

Use Your Homemade Lint Roller

Now when you’ve got your own lint roller, you can start cleaning every fabric and piece of furniture in your home.