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Japanese Food Carver Gaku’s Incredibly Detailed Fish Made Out of a Stalk of Broccoli

Japanese food artist Gaku isn't just good with fruit. The meticulous artist has made a name by using the traditional Thai food carving art form. However, he is well-versed in various Japanese techniques, including mukimono, which entails chopping vegetables or creating elaborate shapes. While he has been increasingly focusing on fruit for the past several years, the artist has lately started including more vegetables in his work. And one meticulously detailed broccoli carving that looks like a fish recently exploded on social media!
The broccoli fish, which took the sculptor three hours to create, appears to be leaping out of its aquatic environment. Each creature's scales are carved meticulously, and the image includes a mirror-like green fish eye. Gaku carefully molded the broccoli stem's tail fin from the head, reducing the florets to their smooth center to replicate a swimming appendage. The artist even included a few of the buds at the extremities, giving the impression of a leaping fish as it emerges from the water.
Gaku has a fantastic portfolio of fruit and vegetable sculptures, some of which are considerably more recent. You should check out what he does with a squash. To see more of Gaku's unique vegetable sculptures, scroll down. Follow him on Instagram for even more work from the artist.

Gaku: Instagram