These Beautiful Dresses and Headpieces Are Made Solely From Strands of Spaghetti

Alice Pegna is a French interior designer and visual artist who is attracted to unusual or unexpected substances, often using objects out of their intended function. For her job Ex Nihilo, Pegna made a whole series of geometric dresses and headpieces formed from pieces of uncooked spaghetti. "Spaghetti is essentially reserved for cooking, also from the collective imagery it seems brittle. Both of these reasons pushed me to want to utilize it," she explains in her artist statement about the job. "On the other hand, I enjoy its features. It's a particular flexibility because of its finesse while staying rigid and easy to split."

Pegna begins each layout by forming polygons, which make Architectural details while also raising the potency of the combined pieces. Each sculptural garment is meant to add to the body, altering the way we see it by obscuring it as small as possible. This is clear from the idea that Pegna displays her creations with minimal mannequins and matte backgrounds. The artist and designer would like to highlight the objects on the body when developing an awareness of emotion with additional effects of lightning and smoke.

In the future, Pegna wants to scale up her project even further by eliminating the mannequins and handling the material in the distance without assistance to test its limits. You can see more of her creations by visiting her website and Instagram.