Hand-Crafted Moon and Planet Lamps Add a Twisting Divine Touch to Any Room

Several of the very best creations come from people looking to solve an issue. Rome-based store Pulsar Moonlight first got its start as a way to boost money for homeless animals. The idea to create delicate globe lights modeled after the moon took off, and soon this goodwill endeavor (which achieved its capital targets) transformed into a full-fledged company. A moonlight lamp is only one of their offerings that are ethereal.

So, how does Pulsar Moonlight create their outer space lamps? They assemble the clear orbs that typically occupy garden lamp posts, to start. Subsequently, they use scientific photographs of the planets and moon and a unique acrylic paint to copy all its incredible details. This portion of the procedure is the most time-consuming, but critical in making sure the celestial body is correctly depicted. Later, a water-based finishing lacquer makes it “immune to atmospheric agents, scratches, and falls and seals the design.” You are able to keep the lamp inside or out—it’s appropriate for both.

Pulsar Moonlight truly “ beams” once switched on. When photographed by themselves, they seem like they’re floating —not on your own coffee table.