9 Ways to Become an Environmentally Friendly Traveller

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Traveling is one of the great pleasures in life. However, enjoying the natural beauty of this planet relies upon each of us to act in a responsibly eco-friendly manner. That applies when we’re traveling as well as when we’re at home. Here are 9 ways to become an eco-friendly traveller.

Lighten the Baggage

Travelling light is about more than reducing your baggage costs. When it comes to carbon emissions from jet engines, every little bit of weight matters. If we all reduce our baggage as much as we can, those planes will leave a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

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Look for Alternatives to Flying

There is no denying that commercial flights leave a large carbon footprint. So, if you can find a way to replace any portion of your trip with overland travel, you will be doing a lot to help out the environment. Travelling overland will usually allow you to see more of the country and to have more meaningful experiences. You could even do it yourself, in a car, with a bunch of camping gear powered by solar. Now that’s environmentally conscious.

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Take Public Transport

Rather than hiring private transport to get around hour travel destinations, look for public transport options. This will save you a significant amount of money while also lessening carbon emissions. Taking public transport is also a great way to see what life is like for the everyday people of the place that you are visiting. When you take a tour bus trip, you will also probably have the added benefit of a tour guide to give you a commentary on the sights that you are driving past.

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Nix the Plastic

When you are on holiday, you will probably make more trips to the supermarket and local malls than you normally would. Regardless of the plastic bag policy in the place where you are staying, stick to an environmentally friendly shopping bag that is reusable. 

Be Eco Aware at the Hotel

Sometimes when we stay at a hotel, we have a tendency to use more power, take longer showers and overuse the towels. That is an environmentally friendly way to act. So, when at your accommodation act just the same as you would in your own home - when you are paying for everything. Remember, too, when you leave the accommodation, to switch off the TV, air conditioning and lights.

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Have an Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

If you are travelling to a warm part of the world, you will no doubt be drinking more water than usual. Avoid plastic water bottles that are going to be an environmental problem. Instead, invest in an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle. 

In many countries, getting clean drinking water is a problem. If you are travelling through Asia, look for places of accommodation that have water filters so that you can safely refill your water bottle as needed. 

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Don’t Go Off Track

When you’re out enjoying the natural beauty of your travel destination, pay careful attention to the directions of the guides and any signs that are posted. Be sure, too, to stick to the proper path. The last thing you want to be doing is to wander off track and trample over some exotic plant or startle a rare or endangered animal. 

Of course, you should never litter when you are anywhere  but this is especially the case when you’re in a natural reserve area. Put your wrappings in your pocket and dispose of them responsibly

Support Local

When you’re spending money, do your best to support the local economy. This will not only help out the locals, it will probably provide you with a more natural and real local piece of merchandise. Locally sourced products also have a smaller carbon footprint. 

Experiment with local beers and foods. These are the most eco-friendly and will open your taste buds up to new and exciting sensory experiences. 

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Smaller Groups

The smaller the size of your travel group, the more environmentally friendly your holiday will be. When you’re going on a tour, keeping the numbers down will provide you with a more intimate, memorable, and environmentally friendly experience. 

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Seek Out Eco Tours

Check for eco friendly tours at your travel destination. These tours will make every effort to offset the carbon footprint. Most of them will also have some program that actively supports the local community.