Most Imaginative Product Packaging

Every decent product marketer, or brand manager out there will tell that good packaging sells big time. Of course, you grew up being fed with important life lessons like “don’t judge a book by its cover”, “look for the inner beauty” and so on. But let’s face it, in the marketing world, looks is everything. In the end, a customer won’t care if your product is top quality, if they don’t get attracted to it in the first place. Fun and clever product packaging guarantees the commodity in it will be noticed and then assessed.

Here you can see some of the most refreshing and imaginative packaging solutions in the last couple of years. With these examples you have to ask yourself: is this marketing, or art? Or is marketing really the art of business? Some highlights include:

1. The Break-fast Breakfast.

A single portion-sized box of oatmeal. Perfect for busy professionals, who don’t have time for quality breakfast at home and take it to the office. No mess, no fuss. Lovely package design relying on the play with words.

butter package2. Butter(knife).

Speaking of quick work meals, how about the cute little pack of butter. Made again for a single portion. It comes with its very own wooden butter knife. Again, safe for office use, or say an outdoor picnic.

watch in a bag filled with water3. Watch In A Bag Filled With Water.

That’s right, you get these watches the same way you buy fish for your new aquarium. What better evidence that your watch is waterproof, than receiving it submerged in water?

acne remedy pop-up package4. Squeeze That Acne Remedy.

An acne fighting remedy, quite popular among teens. With a fresh and playful outlook, which asks consumers to pop that zit of the cartoon face on the packaging, instead of harming their own face.

cardboard chair packaging5. The Cardboard Chair Which IS The Packaging.

OK, you are moving into a new house, and haven’t got all the furniture brought to you by your movers in Melbourne yet. This chair is perfect for you. It will be just another box in the whole house removals business. But when you get to your new residence you’ll get to unpack the packaging itself and build the first dining chair in your new house from scratch. How cool is that?