The Art Quiz Game ‘Guess the Artist’ by Craig & Karl

Guess the Artist: The Art Quiz Game, illustrated by Craig & Karl is an enjoyable and unique new artwork trivia game that challenges gamers to identify iconic artists from just three visual cues.

Moustache + Lobster + Flying Cat = which artist? Each double-sided flash card contains three colorfully designed visual clues about the front, and fantastic and wonderful info about each artist's life, and additional art trivia on the trunk. As an example, were you aware that Ai Weiwei spent more than a decade in the US, where he reportedly became an excellent blackjack player and frequented Atlantic City casinos?

Featuring 60 famous artists from Michelangelo to Basquiat, Hokusai into Hieronymus Bosch, and exemplified in Craig & Karl's dramatic style (aka Craig Redman and Karl Maier), Guess the Artist is a must-have-game for art lovers.  Available via Laurence King.

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