The Space Heater With Simple And Clean Design That Goes Well With Any Apartment

Space heaters are definitely popular out here in Chicago, with it being always cold outdoors that comes as no real surprise. It might seem as though quite a lot of people are aware of having one in their living area that doesn't match the aesthetic of the space and for that reason alone will possess their guests suffer. Thankfully Jang Junyoung is on the rescue with his Cube Heater.

Embodying the minimum South Korean aesthetic, Cube Heater has a rather simple and clean design aesthetic with some carefully selected CMF choices that accent this stunning item. From the dimple where the electricity enters the product to the polycarbonate plinth, the space heater sits on -- the Cube Heater is a welcome addition to any living space.

The Cube Heater needed a powerful visual index because of course, the light from the hot wire can't physically pass to the outside of this gadget. Jang used a single LED but believed about how we could check the operation in different directions and angles. This guide into the elegant yet simple addition of the cloudy plastic base. That is the reason the Cube Heater is superbly straightforward, the top block is a structure that can create heat, and also the lower cue is a simple structure without any device -- South Korean style at its finest.