Upgrading Your Sneaker Game Like a Lady Boss

With the new year here, it is bringing with it a wave in the fashion industry, specifically the shoe industry. Though sneakers have been a popular commodity for several years, the past few have brought more of a fashionable approach to the typical sneaker. In fact, you might even see a few celebrities sporting a pair of fashionable sneakers at interviews or even award nights. Since the new year is here, it’s time to update your shoe game to new levels, especially if you are women looking for great sneakers. Here are a few things to look out for as you upgrade your shoes.

Flashy Patterns

Most of the fashionable women’s sneakers of this new year are going to be sporting these fancy, flashy, and bright patterns. Florals, ginghams, and other prints will be the focus of the shoe, making each pair of sneakers unique. Since patterns are already a big deal with the clothing industry, the shoe industry has taken it up a notch to start blending and mixing great patterns in their shoes. Most of the patterns are going to be things like florals, gingham, plaid, and more, mixing it up with the new color trends.

Glittery Additions

Yes, glitter isn’t going anywhere, and if these sparkly additions can last on clothing, they can last on shoes. Perhaps this is why we are going to see a trend of glittery, shiny women’s sneakers this year. The glitter trend continues with the shoes it seems, making each step as shiny and sparkly as you are on the inside. The glitter will even be mixed up with various color options like reds, golds, silvers, and more. You can expect pretty much anything with these new glittery shoes.

Classic Looks

If you already have a few of the classically styled sneakers in your closet, don’t get rid of them just yet. The classics don’t seem to be going anywhere in 2018. In fact, many of the popular brands like Adidas with its Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 models and New Balance are going to continue selling their most popular classic styles in this coming year. Whiteout sneakers, classic golds, and even the typical classic designs are going to stay put for those who simply love that classical look on their feet.

Step it Up

Want a little lift? It’s no problem at all with some of the biggest sneaker additions this year so far. Platform sneakers are making a huge comeback this year. With a bit of a 90’s flair, these sneakers are made for fashionable ladies who want to look just a bit taller. The platform sneakers are expected to be offered in several different styles, patterns, and colors in this year. Many brands are offering platform sneakers as well, getting the shoes of 2018 stepping into the fashion scene.

Metallic Twist

Many of the modern sneakers are offering a metallic look along with their classical designs. Golds, silvers, and the new addition of the rose gold are going to be hot this year since they began their journey to the top at the end of 2017. Women’s sneakers are set to sport these metallic colors right alongside the fabulous designs and the glittery sparkles. Even the big brands are getting on board with metallic embellishments with classic colors like brown, white, and black. Some companies are even creating entire metallic shoes.


The new year is bringing new shoe fashion with it. There are tons of great and exciting trends, designs, and colors for the women’s sneakers this new year. From glittery additions to metallic colors, the sneakers of this new year are set to be incredibly fabulous. If you don’t like the newer trends, don’t worry because the classics are sticking around. If you like the more exciting options, the platform sneakers are set to make a huge comeback this year. No matter what you like, the women’s sneakers of the new year are going to be amazing.

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