Visiting Fashion Capitals: A Financial Guide

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If you have an eye for fashion, there’s no doubt you will want to visit the fashion capitals of the world. Barcelona, London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, and Paris – all of them pack in great shopping districts, trendy boutiques, and the biggest brands.

Before you book your trip, however, consult this financial guide for visiting fashion capitals.

Receive a funding boost

Before you venture off to one of the world’s fashion capitals, it’s important you budget accordingly. You don’t want to pay for your flights, accommodation, and food, and then have no money left over to pick up some fashion pieces.

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Yet with so many elements to consider, this trip quickly builds up into an expensive one. While there are tips to help reduce the overall expense, more on those below, you’re going to need a considerable chunk of cash for a happy venture.

If your savings are not quite enough, there are thankfully financing options available to boost your fund. As recommended by Cash Lady, you can attain a small loan effortlessly and in an instant. Now there’s no need to pass on that jacket or dress and regret it forever.

Travel during the off-season

If you want to keep your travelling costs down, one of the best strategies is to travel during the off-season. Instead of journeying during prime tourist times, you can save a bundle of cash on flights and hotels due to the natural decrease in demand.

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Plus there’s another positive point you can enjoy: there will be less people around to get in your way while browsing the clothing racks!

Be frugal with accommodation

It’s not the transport to these fashion capitals which burns a hole in your budget, it is the accommodation. If you stay in a reputed hotel within the city center for just a weekend, you’ll likely end up paying four figures for the privilege.

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Yet you don’t have to go down this route. Staying at a private accommodation listed on Airbnb, for example, will tend to be much more cost-effective while having many of the same hotel perks. Alternatively, you could opt to stay at a place which is on the outskirts of your fashion capital of choice.

Don’t only focus on the biggest brands

Fashion capitals are, naturally, the place to visit for the biggest and best brands. Yet locations such as Paris and Milan are full of independent boutiques brimming with quirky and original clothing. Not only can you land pieces others won’t own and from designers who have yet to hit it big, but it will tend to be much healthier on your bank balance.

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Shop around for bargains

In relation to boutique stores, you can land some serious bargains if you know where to look. The sale rack in your favorite brand store is one place, but don’t be too perturbed by looking in outlet and second-hand stores.

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Yes, it might not have the same glamorous connotations as shopping in the finest upmarket establishments. However, a destination like Tokyo has a strong reputation for keeping items in pristine condition. So you could rock up to a second-hand clothing shop, and land as-new designer clothing for a bargain price.