An artist makes glowing drawings of architectural structures using pen and ink

Ukrainian artist and urban sketcher Nikita Busyak has found a way to make his pen and ink sketches glow with life. His realistic drawings mostly revolve around architecture, featuring various buildings or cityscapes drawn out in mechanical pencils on paper lit up at night by light-sensitive chemicals like silver nitrate.
Nikita has been drawing for a while now, but it'she only recently added more effects to his drawings. With every new architectural illustration, Nikita digitally manipulates the windows of buildings, so they seem as if their lit up with golden light at night. It makes each one come alive like you can feel how dark it is outside and all the lights in town from afar!
Nikita Busyak's sketches are so captivating that you can hardly take your eyes off of them. With these imaginative drawings, it is hard to tell what they could be depicting or the story behind each sketch, but one thing for sure is that Nikita has caught lighting at its best in his artwork. The Ukrainian artist makes clever use of placement and color when he digitally adds a virtual light source which creates an unknown fluorescent glow into his illustrations. These creative choices seem to add another layer onto already fantastic artworks- making this mystery come alive from just looking at the page!