An Artist Reimagines the Vibrant Beauty of Canadian Mountains as Low-Poly Art

Vancouver-based artist Elyse Dodge reimagines Canadian mountain ranges as abstract landscapes made of colorful geometric shapes. Inspired by British Columbia‘s incredible beauty, Dodge shows she intends to “catch the beauty of the landscapes that we call home” Using a bold color palette, the artist modern landscape paintings explore the contrast between soft and hard by highlighting the varied shapes found in nature. Cliffs, hills, and peaks rendered with sharp picture lines are juxtaposed from the natural, soft textures of the trees.

Taking benefit of social networking, Dodge utilizes Instagram to locate and partner with landscape photographers. After sourcing her reference pictures, Dodge then uses her previous experience in graphic design to make digital mock-ups. Once she’s happy with the geometric transformation, she starts to paint each candy-colored triangle onto her canvas.

Dodge explains, “The polygonal shapes change the peaks out of being something that’s recognizable as a hill into a faceted, diamond-like form. These surreal scenes encourage the mind to imagine what a different and much more vivid world could look like.”

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h/t mymodernmet