Artist creates illustrations to expose the flaws of our society

As we know, art has a significant impact on our life. Very often, we use it as a tool to convey critique. It helps us describe what is recently happening in politics, economy, ecology, and of course, our society. In a world of Instagram, where one picture can tell you more than a thousand words, where the recipient is more eager to consume beautiful images than language – art becomes a key to understand the source of the problem, and it gives a reason for a change. The person who chose this way of expressing himself is artist and illustrator Davide Bonazzi. He is known for creating illustrations that, humorously describes today’s world and society. His hobbies always involved visual arts, even though his education was mostly connected with literature and liberal arts. He grown his massive talent with the help of a few brilliant teachers during his one-year residency at the European Institute of Design in Milan, and then two more years at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. Davide’s illustrations are simple, conceptual, surreal, and with a dose of irony. The author himself likes to use visual metaphors to create unexpected solutions in his works. He aspires to make something simple and ordinary into something more meaningful. Davide is anxious about the future of our world. He feels the most concerned about ecology issues. Even though he has been a person with an optimistic personality, he became more concerned with the Earth’s current situation. His art helps us realize the need for a global transformation.