These Illustrations Perfectly Depict a Harsh Reality of Modern Life

In a contemporary world of information overload, social media addiction, and work burnouts, it's common to feel helpless. These are a few of the concepts behind the work of German illustrator Sergio Ingravalle who produces witty, thought-provoking images that many find all too easy to relate to. Each minimalist example from the artist Mindshots series portrays complex themes with just a few lines and shapes, demonstrating the artist has a natural knack for visual language.

"During my travels, I met a lot of fantastic designers and artists that I knew as soon as I came back home to Germany illustration will be my new path." He started by producing watercolor portraits but felt like something wasn't perfect. It took weeks before Ingravalle discovered his daring, black and red style he's now known for.

Inspired by regular moments, Ingravalle began working on his Mindshots series.

"The name was born from the ideas that frequently pop out while working, chatting, watching a movie, hanging out with friends or while being tired from the physician's waiting room," he reveals. "Some are critical, while some are only plain ridiculous." His first from the series indicates a red bird was wearing an oxygen mask. The poignant example visualizes how polluted city air is causing serious damage to the surrounding wildlife. The artist shows, "I had this picture in my head for months after visiting these huge cities with intense smog on my trip."

After years of producing his smart illustrations, Ingravalle chose to curate a publication of his 50 finest Mindshots. Following a visit to a book fair in Frankfurt equipped with a rough draft, it is now published and available on Amazon.

You may view more from Ingravalle's portfolio on Instagram.