Marija Tiurina’ Watercolor Paintings of Fantastical Worlds Filled with Mysterious Characters

The intricate watercolor paintings of Marija Tiurina force the viewer to delve deeply into tangled masses to extract certain elements, which often seem to be creations of a centralized figure's consciousness. In the illustration above a man can be seen leaving a busy cool-toned realm while stepping right into an equally styled red and purple-hued dimension. Is the viewer right into a fictionalized world, or are you currently looking into the character's mind?

Although Tiurina frequently sketches a draft of her paintings before including watercolor, a number of the pieces presented here were freehanded directly onto the paper using paint. This spontaneity is seen in a number of her new, larger works which you can find on Behance. More examples can also be seen on her website and Instagram.

H/T thisiscolossal