Russian Artist Evgeny Shvenk Re-Draws Classic Soviet Characters In A Modern Style

When we come upon something that reminds us of our childhood, most of us experience a rush of nostalgia. The vintage cartoons that we've watched a million times over again. We watched movies that we knew by heart and recreated with our friends in our backyards. Cartoons have influenced who we are as a culture and as individuals. They're a source of comfort and cherished memories from your childhood.

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If you grew up in the former Soviet republics of Eastern Europe, you are undoubtedly familiar with Russian cartoons. Evgeny Shvenk, an artist from Russia, has brought back memories of the past with his latest project called "What the heroes of Soviet cartoons look like in my head." The artist reimagines these classic characters in a more realistic style. This Russian art exhibition is ideal for fans of Russian heritage!