Steeven Salvat armors insects with gemstones and mechanical elements

Artist Steeven Salvat evokes the glass-covered entomological research studies of uncommon butterflies, beetles, and moths with an extra layer of security. The French painter armors the particular insects with priceless gems, silver and gold lacework, and rotational pieces of equipment. Also, components of high-end watches, like Breguet's Reine de Naple and a detailed dial from Vacheron Constantin, cloak the pests' external shells. In a letter to Colossal, Salvat states that the expanding collection of illustrations is an "allegory for the preciosity of biological systems. A method to drive attention to our tiniest next-door neighbors on this planet we need to protect them because they are worth far more than all the gold and gems I dressed them with." Each intricate illustration is made with China black ink and watercolor and takes at least 50 hours to finish. Grab a limited-edition giclée print of an encrusted creature in Salvat's store, and follow his most recent work combining nature, history, and science on his website, Behance and Instagram