An Artist Collaborated with Nature To Create Sculptural Mandalas

For the twenty years, Australia-based artist Shona Wilson has collaborated with nature by building sculptural assemblages which contain a myriad of found organic specimens. In her 2016 body of work, Offering, she formed mandala-like pieces from objects like seedpods, twigs, and bones that were intended as expressions of gratitude to her clinic’s source–nature.

“I expect that these Offerings resonate as curative or healing objects in their own right,” Wilson explained from the press launch for the solo exhibition in Arthouse Gallery in New South Wales, Australia. “They’re embedded with the vibrational patterns and tones of the natural world, of their most materials they’re made from, and thus they emit the frequencies of these substances within them.”

Wilson hosts a string of Ephemeral Art Workshops that encourage participants to engage with the natural environment in lively and creative ways.

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h/t thisiscolossal