11 Greatest Venue Hacks To Solemn Wedding

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A wedding is a great celebration. If you're planning one, you'll want to go smoothly at your chosen location. With help from HoneyWed and these fabulous hacks, it's easier than ever to have a great day. Each aspect of your wedding has to be carefully considered, and one of the essentials is to look for right the wedding venue. Looking for wedding venues could give you an idea of the options available so you can choose your dreamed location. Ideal for you and your guests. Make your guests feel at home with ideas that delight the senses and show off your personal style in every detail.

Ask Parents to Pitch In

In many cases, parents are already helping by fitting a part or even all of the bill, You can ask them to be part of your wedding by pitching in another role. Mom can help serve food while dad directs traffic to the right place to park.

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Balloons Everywhere

Balloons are inexpensive and a lot of fun. Make use of them at your wedding venue. A gathering of balloons at each table is a budget-friendly way to bring in color. Designate one table for kids this way with age appropriate balloons on the back of each chair.

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Bring in Food

Opting for onsite catering can be costly. Instead, think about your own favorite food. Contact local area restaurants. Ask for a catering menu. Many are happy to provide a full course menu for much less than you might find at the venue.

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Consider a Buffet

A buffet is an easy way to offer a large variety of food that everyone will like without having to spend a lot of money. People can serve themselves, saving some of the costs of serving food. People can get to know others at the party better as they walk around your wedding location.

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Farmer's Markets

For good food that's fresh and often significantly less expensive than the food at a supermarket, the farmer's market is an excellent option. Many have lots of freshly prepared items as well as locally grown items. They're often happy to do things in bulk for you and give you a discount at the same time.

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Pick Only Two Colors

Most weddings have a color theme. It's best to stick with only two colors. This way, you can avoid overly fussy results. Black and white or pink and purple are easier on the eyes and the pocketbook than having six or seven colors in the same place.

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Reduce Hours

Your guests don't have to spend lots of hours at your wedding venue. A three-hour wedding rather than a six-hour wedding is just as memorable and fun. Guests appreciate the time to head home and relax. Consider a Friday rather than a weekend day and save even more money. Everyone loves a three day weekend.

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Seasonal Flowers Only

There's no need to get really fancy with flowers. There are lots of beautiful flowers on the market all year long. June roses in a few shades of red or pink will delight your guests and provide scent. Pick out the in-season ones you like best. You don't have to fly in exotic items to make any venue look really good.

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Single Musician

A single musician or even a dejay is just as good for many weddings as a band. Hiring one person to play a few special tunes is one way to encourage dancing. When he's resting, he can play your favorite songs and create special moments without the cost of a full orchestra.

Uncle Bartender

Ask your uncle or a cousin to do the bartending for you as a wedding present. He can get a copy of mixed drinks to practice with and serve the drinks you want to your guests. Think about asking several relatives to take turns doing it for you as the party continues.

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Written Estimates

Before you book a venue, get a few written estimates. Many places are happy to provide you with a list of potential costs. This ideally should include all costs related to the use of the venue such as any servers and any catering you have onsite or choose to bring in as well as any additions you want. A clear estimate can help narrow down all of your wedding venue choices.            

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