How could investing in an outdoor event help your team in the office?

Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

For many people, the idea of a company get-together is a good enough reason to call in sick. These are the people who like to come in, get their job done, and perhaps make friends with a couple of their other colleagues.

There is nothing wrong with this, but, investing in an outdoor event can really help all members of your tea; including those who don’t want to be there.

That’s why you arrange the activity on a normal working day, everyone will need to attend because they should be at work anyway.

If you’re struggling for inspiration regarding what to do with your team then check out these corporate team events; you’re sure to find something appealing and you’re guaranteed to get a positive experience.

Here are the benefits that an outdoor team-building event can bring to your office:


You can use a team-building event to show the staff the values of the company and the culture that you are trying to build. This will help them to realize that their voice and opinion does matter to the firm.

The reward is substantial. You’ll find an increase n productivity and a more positive attitude in the office. People will actually want to be there each day.

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Problem Solving

It is very easy for people to try and solve issues themselves, even when they could get a better result with the help of others. The reason is often fear that people won’t respect them or that their job will be at risk.

However, team building will create a bond between your workers which will encourage them to talk to each other and find solutions together. The solution is likely to offer benefits across the office and will also improve morale; it’s a win-win situation.

Don’t forget that happy staff is more likely to stay with the firm; reducing your hiring and training costs and improving the atmosphere in the process.

Shows Leadership

You may never have realized that someone has leadership ambitions and potential; especially if they are relatively new to the firm and not willing to push their name forward.

Observing the team building can help you to see the future leaders of the business and you’ll be encouraging them to step forward and reach their potential.

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In the digital age, it is very important to spend time networking with your customers and business that you can work alongside. However, never underestimate the power of your staff to network with a huge number of customers and business contacts.

Staff can often be the ones that find the new resources you need; all you have to do s let them network together and come to you with their suggestions.

This will do more than help you to find the next new talent; it will also empower the staff which will make them feel valued, engaged, and want to stay with you.

A single outdoor event can accomplish much more than you think!