The Accra Foundation helps children in Ghana

The Accra Foundation was created out of love for Africa and for helping others. We are a group of young people who have been involved in volunteering in Poland and abroad for many years. The idea of ​​establishing the foundation was born after coming back from Tamale, where we helped at the School of Talent and Creative Arts. We want to use this experience and continue supporting children's education and development in Ghana.
We have already managed to raise money for the construction of a well that will provide students with access to drinking water. Recently we have started fundraising to build a simple kitchen that will provide each kid with at least one (very often the only one) hot meal per day. We also organized an exchange of letters between students from Ghana and Poland. We are planning further projects such as 'heart adoption' of children, student exchange with
na, presentations, and exhibitions are promoting the idea of ​​volunteering and helping in Africa.
Our newest initiative is a photo exhibition 'Capture Goodness' combined with an auction. The event will take place on the 22 of November in DCF Wroclaw. Money raised during the auction will go directly to kids in Tamale. The fundraising goal is to cover their costs of living, such as one hot meal per day, school uniforms, books, and other educational materials
Who are we?​
Five girls, including medical and psychology students who have just returned from volunteering in Ghana, an academic lecturer in tourism, an English teacher is working in an international corporation and a special educator dealing with the development of children with disabilities. We join forces to do something good for others! "Helping one person will not change the whole world, but it can change the world for one person."