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Documenting the Impact of Climate Change: Migwa Nthiga’s Walks of Life

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All images © Migwa Nthiga, shared with permission

The Stark Reality of Climate Change in Kenyan Communities

Climate change is not a distant threat but a current reality, profoundly impacting communities worldwide. Among the regions bearing the brunt of these changes is the area surrounding Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. This region, known for its arid conditions, faces escalating challenges as recurring droughts diminish vital water sources. The scarcity of water affects not only the flora and fauna but also the very survival of the local communities, compelling them to relocate in search of more sustainable living conditions.

Capturing the Human Element of Climate Change

Photographer Migwa Nthiga, in his series "Walks of Life," brings to the forefront the human aspect of this environmental crisis. Nthiga's work is a poignant exploration of the Indigenous Nilotic people's lives in Turkana, who confront the dire consequences of climate change. His series offers an authentic narrative, contrasting with the often skewed perspectives presented by foreign photographers.

The Art of Storytelling through Photography

Nthiga's approach to storytelling in "Walks of Life" is both intimate and genuine. He captures the daily routines of the local fishermen and the simple yet profound moments of children with their families. Each photograph in this series is a tapestry of emotions, ranging from joy to deep concentration, effectively conveying the complex realities of life in a climate-impacted region.

The Collaborative Effort Behind "Walks of Life"

This impactful project came to life through the collaboration of a dedicated team. Photography assistant Joseph Theo, producer Nina Bola, and creative director Jason Bruckner played crucial roles in realizing Nthiga's vision. The "Walks of Life" exhibition, showcasing Nthiga's evocative photography, was open to the public from March 3 to 19 at The Nook in Nanyuki, his hometown.

Beyond Photography: A Commitment to Environmental Narratives

Nthiga's commitment to environmental storytelling extends beyond photography. He is currently working on a film project focusing on environmental themes and featuring a Turkana fashion stylist. This project underscores the multifaceted nature of his artistic endeavors and his dedication to highlighting critical environmental issues.

Stay Connected and Informed

For those interested in keeping abreast of Nthiga's work and his environmental film project, his Instagram and Behance accounts are excellent resources. Following these accounts provides insights into his ongoing projects and his unique perspective on the intersection of art, environment, and culture.

Migwa Nthiga's "Walks of Life" is more than a photography series; it is a powerful testament to the human experience amidst the escalating climate crisis. His work invites viewers to reflect on the broader implications of environmental changes and the resilience of communities adapting to these challenges. The series not only documents the struggles but also celebrates the spirit of the people of Turkana, offering a narrative filled with hope and perseverance.

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