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Image: wieliczkasaltmine

Wieliczka – The Salt mine in Poland filled with sculptures, carvings and more

Often when people think about salt mines, they see sweaty men in a damp and dark cave, pushing carts full of salt. Chandeliers and luxurious halls are probably the last things that come to mind. Well, this salt mine in Poland will drastically change peoples’ minds.
Mentioned salt mine – Wieliczka – is located near Krakow, and its opening was estimated in the 13th century. It contains roughly 2,000 chambers, decorated with sculptures, intricate carvings, and in some, we will even find chandeliers made of salt. The mine features multiple lakes and reaches as deep as 326,7 m. Wieliczka is so unique that in 1978 it got placed on the original UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

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Image: wieliczkasaltmine
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Image: wieliczkasaltmine
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Image: wieliczkasaltmine
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Image: wieliczkasaltmine
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