Artist finds consolation in surreal photography after her mothers’ passing

Kirsty Mitchell is an artist with a remarkable talent for designing a surreal and dreamlike world in her exquisite artwork.
She recently finished the project, “Wonderland,” used as a method of coping with the death of her parent, who departed from brain cancer.
She wrote on her website that her only escape from sorrow was photography. It was her release when she could no longer talk about how she felt. Thanks to the art of photography, she was able to block out the real-life, in which she kept coming back to hospital walls. Instead, she could go back to the pleasant and happy memories of her mother.
The artist of surreal photography, describing figures in photographs, says that all of them represented dimmed recollections of the tales her mother used to read to her as a child: Book illustrations, dreams mixed up with her sorrow of adult grief.
Kirsty Mitchell’s photography there is a lot of outstanding work going on.
Gorgeous shots with cheery colors, elaborate costumes, and a surreal world that you can almost hear breathing.